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2024 – Painting our canvas of achievement, growth, and Innovation/Embracing Growth and Achievements in 2024 

2024 – Painting our canvas of achievement, growth, and Innovation/Embracing Growth and Achievements in 2024 

The past year was filled with celebrations and significant progress, with threads of congratulations marked by profound growth. In the corridors of our organisation, we had thorough strategy meetings, carefully adjusting our approach to TNF as we welcomed the new year.  

We’re not just growing but evolving. Though there are challenges, a new year gives us a fresh chance to (un)learn, reflect, and commit to doing better. Yet one aspect remains the same; we are steadfast towards ensuring equitable access to education and meaningful opportunities for the youth to thrive.  

We kicked off 2024 with a bang as The Daily Show with Trevor Noah won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Series. Our chairman made history as the first person of colour to front a winner for variety talk series; we are so proud of him. He continues to inspire us more than ever through his hard work and perseverance, through his selfless acts in his pursuit of providing equitable access to education for young people so they, too, can see, dream, and achieve the impossible. Congratulations Trevor!!


On that celebratory note, South Africa’s class of 2023 matriculants also added their strokes to the canvas of history, achieving a national pass rate of 82.9% in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations—the highest ever recorded. This milestone is a testament to the collective resilience and commitment to education, marking each learner’s journey toward obtaining the National Senior Certificate, a significant achievement in South Africa. 

Our Khulani Schools Program (KSP) partners outdid themselves, producing exceptional matric results that echoed through the educational landscape. While we are proud of the achievements of all our Khulani School Program (KSP) partners, we want to highlight the incredible achievement of Siyabonga Secondary School, with a staggering 92.8% pass rate, up from 80.8% in the previous year. This improvement is nothing short of inspiring! Siyabonga Secondary School was also awarded the “All Rounder” award in the KSP Task Team awards in December 2023, which is a tribute to their dedication.

Please join us by congratulating our Khulani Schools! Their journey from strength to strength has been beautiful to witness, and we hope their stories of success and determination inspire you as much as it inspires us every day.  

With nineteen Khulani School partners reaching nearly 10,000 youth and 600 teachers each year, we can’t do this work without you. “Khulani” means we grow in isiXhosa, and this is only possible when we collectively contribute to our future generation’s success.  

Therefore, we encourage you to donate today so we can continue delivering high-quality programs that increase access to quality learning and create thriving school communities for all. If Trevor’s recent Emmy win teaches us anything, it’s that dreams are only impossible until they’re not.

Here’s to a year of continued growth, impact, and witnessing the blossoming of potential in every corner of our organisation. Congratulations to all who contributed to our shared success—the best is yet to come! 

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