Adulting Prep! Grade 12 Bootcamp

The journey to independence is a daunting and challenging one. In partnership with Gradesmatch, TNF hosted a Bootcamp for the grade 12 learners at New Nation School. We spent a week during the school holidays engaging on what to expect “beyond the world of school”. The Bootcamp was designed to assist learners in choosing a post-school qualification and meeting the requirements of that qualification. It was especially important to motivate learners to work hard for the preliminary exams.

We also spent time exploring alternative pathways that are viable for them, such as Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges and Skills-Based Programmes that they can access and what are the requirements thereof. The youth are restless due to the socio-economic challenges that they face, which has led to some of the academic problems that they encounter. Spending time engaging them in alternative pathways was necessary so it can have a sustained impact on their futures.

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