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25 thoughts on “Trevor Noah Foundation South Africa

  1. J Paxxiel says:

    Support of a Divine life purpose will always be found. To trust in that is one of the most profound parts of being a human in this incarnation this time around.
    The difference we seek to witness is nothing more than the experience of a man who listens and provides a healthy frame of reference for what it means to be a MAN in this coexistence determinedly fulfilling his purpose. I’m happy to be of assistance. Congrats Trevor Noah, the one whose name was picked to not be a hindrance but instead be a Goddess-given license to afford you all the possibilities of being inherently priceless.

  2. Linda Maneli says:

    I resonate with the mission of the NPO of equipping orphans and vulnerable youth with education, life skills etc, because I am an orphan myself but had a privilege of being adopted by a loving family. I was born in the Eastern Cape which is challenged yearly in producing good/excellent matric results. so this initiative is much needed.

    I would also like to request/suggest the foundation to also look at ways of creating reward programs for excellent teachers who add value to their learners/ education as a whole. The South African government has initiatives in place but I think business/media/communities could also play a vital role in creating even more creative programs, like TV/Documentaries/Memorabilia that will span through history, recognizing, celebrating and rewarding teachers who have effectively impacted students positively, even programs that can run all year through. I believe that can promote excellence, healthy competition and give a sense of purpose in the challenging school environments teachers are exposed to.

    Wishing the foundation only success !!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    TNF, so proud of the work you’re doing. I look forward to seeing you aid more of our youth to study and gain skills overseas; so that they are exposed to a different way of living and thinking – we need to bring up leaders to/who have a bigger vision for South Africa.

  4. Anonymous says:

    TFN, so proud of the work that you are doing. I look forward to seeing you aid more of our youth to study and gain skills overseas; so that they are exposed to a different way of living and thinking. I believe now more than ever, we need to bring up leaders to/who have a bigger vision for South Africa. Happy holidays.

  5. T.J. Anderson says:

    The young are our future.

    It’s about time someone makes a real dent in change, by way of action. I hope that more see the true value in this opportunity.

    Best investment I can make!

    Thank you Trevor for being the true definition of a “Leader.”

    Blessings back to you!

  6. Mangaliso Kubheka says:

    I’m making a donation mainly because I want to see change and improvements in the quality of education in South Africa.

  7. Renee Kleszczewski says:

    I wish all the best to the continued success of this foundation. This donation is in honor of CODA, South Africa, and the Trevor Noah Foundation.

  8. Judy Asher says:

    All kids irrespective of religion or country deserves education, better life and bright future. Help each other always

  9. Valli Korlapati says:

    My journey with this foundation starts…
    Great initiative – filling the gaps so children are given chance to grow…!!
    Hope it flourishes tenfold and help achieve 100% literacy for next generation of kids… Love
    Valli ( Australia)

  10. Edwin Visser says:

    I’m a South African living in the USA, and even though I cannot be home, the African air and people will forever be a part of me. I hope that we the people can, through education, learn to live and thrive together as one nation.

    • Trevor Noah Foundation says:

      Thank you, Edwin for your kind words. Education will indeed, enable our South African youth to thrive.

  11. Julia Pelaez says:

    I met one of my friends Julia in South Africa and for my birthday she gave me Trevor Noah’s book, I loved it. I am running low on ideas on what to get for her birthday. Julia is inspiring, brilliant, caring and it gives me comfort and hope to know there are individuals like her in this world. I know she loves South Africa, has learned a lot there during her studies, and would want to do anything to help the underserved South African youth.

  12. Eileen Janec says:

    Trying to do my part to contribute to bettering the world. Trevor Noah is smart, sensitive, sensible. I trust his platform.

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