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“Born A Crime” children’s version is a hit!!

Born A Crime children’s version is a hit

“Born a Crime: And Other Stories” by our Chairman Trevor Noah is a #1 international and South African bestseller. The book details his years of being born a crime as he finds his way through young adulthood in the “new South Africa”. Earlier this year, “It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood” was published, an adaptation for young readers.


It was fitting that the Trevor Noah Foundation team went to our flagship school on the 14th of June to commemorate Youth Day by having a book discussion on “It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime”, the version for young readers. The gathering aimed at having a meaningful conversation around their understanding of Apartheid and the impact it still has on South Africa. The discussion allowed learners to air their views on their experiences as young people in South Africa today. Our youth found the themes extremely relatable, such as dealing with being an outsider, bullying and domestic abuse. All the learners went home with a copy of the book, thanks to our generous publishers Pan Macmillan South Africa. They also committed to opening their book club and the first book they will review is “It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime”.


The Youth Day discussion went so well we decided that on Mandela Day as part of our pledge to the active citizenry, we would do the book discussion with the Child and Youth Care Centres. The event took place at Victoria Yards, where we had young people engaging in the themes outlined in the book. It is particularly important to us, as literacy is a massive concern in South Africa with 73% of youth unable to read for meaning. To ensure that young people are active participants in their futures we need to ensure that they are not only able to read but critically think about how to transcend their challenging circumstances and reading is the best solution.

“It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood (Adapted for Young Readers)”, is available on Amazon.


Want to host your own discussion? Free teachers notes can be downloaded here.


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