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11 thoughts on “Trevor Noah Foundation NPC

  1. Mario Mancia says:

    Been to South Africa a couple of times and can’t wait to visit again. Wanted to find a way to donate and recently learned that Trevor Noah had a foundation. I feel confident that Trevor Noah is a good custodian of the donation and that it will go to a good cause.

    • Trevor Noah Foundation says:

      Those are incredibly kind words, thank you so much Mario. South Africa misses you, so please do let us know when you visit again!

  2. Sheryl Denise Howard says:


    I have been observing the activities of the Trevor Noah Foundation for well over a year now. I am both impressed by the progress of this relatively new foundation and appreciative of the well thought out mission. Congratulations on your successes to date! I know there will be many more.

    I hold the education of children (our future) in high regard and know that it brings necessary empowerment to our youth, most notably those of marginalized demographic and of developing countries. I also value greatly and advocate for Educators, and I understand and think it brilliant the Foundation’s emphasis on proper training and training modifications for Educators often needed in order to best affect young people who come from underserved areas.

    I want to thank Trevor for his vision, the TN Foundation Administration and Board for their hard work and dedication, and the Foundation’s partners for what you are doing to improve the wellbeing of South African youth as well as all the innovative ways that South African Educators are being inspired. Today I contribute in the name of my small business and namesake, Sheryl Denise. I would love very much to be able to place a donation link for the Foundation on my website if that is possible so that my patrons and site visitors can learn more about the Foundation and donate should they choose.

    Continue the cause! I’ll support you with contribution as I can but always expect lots of prayers. GOD BLESS YOU!

    ~Sheryl Denise🌺

    • Trevor Noah Foundation says:

      Wow, what incredibly generous words. Thank you so much, Sheryl! We appreciate you following our journey over the last year and adding your voice on our social media platforms. Let’s continue advocating for the education of our children and our educators, together.

  3. Ryan Provenza says:

    I am donating because I care for the future. We need a change in America and all around the world. I am 14 Year Years Old. Racism and all of this not getting along has to end soon and hopefully This change does a lot of community.

  4. Ellen Thuss says:

    Thanks for explaining the impact of educational opportunities on corporate hiring when you spoke to Alex Taylor at Cox. I know you will use this wisely to help break the system that holds our young people back.

  5. Juliet Jacob says:

    I feel extremely confident that if there is any organization worth donating to that would be trustworthy, Trevor Noah would be a wonderful custodian. Please keep up all the amazing work that you do, change the world!

  6. Zoey Coldani says:

    Reading the book”Born a Crime”has widened my thoughts on how privileged we are to live in the US and how much is taken for granted. Without even realizing how many others suffer, because most of us live in such a bubble. I would like to donate to those who really need some tools in order to better their lives. So instead of sending “new baby gifts” to friends and families in the US, I feel the need is elsewhere. This gift is to honor the birth of Desmond. My hope lies in the next generation for peace and equality.

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