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Embarking on a Digital Transformation Journey

Embarking on a Digital Transformation Journey

We are proud to call Microsoft our technology partner. As partners, we are committed to providing New Nation School with hardware, software, internet connectivity, and digital skills training for learners and teachers.

Last year we completed our Change Leadership sessions with teachers at New Nation school. The purpose of the course was to ensure that sound policies for using the new computer lab were in place and to maximise the potential for the technology deployment to be a catalyst for change at the school.
This year we kicked off digital literacy workshops for both teachers and learners. With support from SchoolNet South Africa, we introduced teachers to classroom tools such as Office 365, Socrative for creating interactive quizzes and Sway for creating online presentations. Both teachers and students were introduced to Hour of Code, an introduction to basic coding.
Pictured on the right is Grade 12 student, Joseph. He finished all 14 stages of Minecraft Hour of Code in under an hour. This game requires complex problem-solving skills. Not bad for the first attempt of the game. We might have a future computer programmer here. Watch out, Bill Gates!


The excitement was in the air as teachers who attended the Microsoft in Education and Change Leadership workshops received SACE (South African Council for Educators) endorsed certificates. They are clearly eager to join the digital world, and we couldn’t be more proud!


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