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Gaming to Learn

Gaming to Learn

Vera Mlia is a Lead Artist at the Studio for Humanity who is a true innovator in the education sector in Malawi. Vera understands that a country like Malawi has limited opportunities in advanced technologies such as coding and gaming. However, this did not stop her from gamifying the curriculum for elementary and primary school learners, creating both a hard copy version and an app which parents can use with their children at home.

Her project is called the ToonNoteBook which she describes as a 2 in 1: an academic school exercise book plus loads of fun learner games through a game screen and audio children’s books. This idea for the book was born after she realized that textbooks are too expensive. Due to a shortage in textbook supply, children have no way of learning or revising schoolwork at home. Thus, the ToonNoteBook platform allows the learners to have their own exercise book, while ensuring kids are entertained and enjoy learning. 

Throughout the educationchangemakers programme we also highlighted a few other particpants.

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