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Going Places and Singing

Being fashionable and making a statement is not just for the runways of New York, but also the classrooms. Usiphatheleni Khanyile commands attention everywhere he goes with his fashion, but he also commanded the focus of his learners by making the subject of Geography more interesting through song and dance, or “Geowemah”.

“Awemah”, as he is known to his fellow changemakers, realized that there was underachievement in Geography in the past six years. The reason for this was the lack of motivation of teachers, and learners being unaware of the careers in the Geography space. The solution was “Geowemah” which teaches Geography with song, repetition and a better understanding of Geography.

“Geowemah” has significantly improved the marks for Geography and Usiphatheleni has won awards for his efforts. As next steps given thee great success that “Geowemah” achieved, he plans to scale it to more schools, where scholars can learn Geography (and other subjects) through music.

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  1. Geowemah and the founding organisation brings with a remarkable combination of learner participation and subject matter awareness through fashion dialogue. We expect more young talented educators to engage along with other learning institutions in the development of Geowemah initiatives.

  2. First of all we very proud and very honoured to have such talented teachers who teach by heart well I’m Geowemah’s former student and yes he makes me believe in geography and I’m very happy he is recognised

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