School excellence is driven by passionate, capable, and capacitated school leadership. We pride our close working relationships with Khulani School leaders, offering workshops such as project management, governance and SGB training.

The empowerment and training of teachers is incorporated into every school-based project because we recognise teachers are key to sustaining change. For example, in partnership with SchoolNetSA and Microsoft, we trained 50 teachers on technology change leadership and digital skills to ensure they leveraged their new computer lab to enhance learning outcomes.

On Youth Day in 2019 we hosted a dialogue around Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime with our youth residing in orphanages. We had a powerful discussion about bullying, domestic violence, love and more. Later that year, we co-hosted #CODEREaD, a collaborative event with the objective of creating dialogue around how to change the narrative of literacy amongst youth in South Africa.

Awarding top performance cultivates a culture of goal-setting, leadership, and excellence. The Trevor Noah Foundation supports Term Awards by sponsoring prizes for merit-based achievements of learners and teachers.

Navigating the pathway from secondary school to further education or employment opportunities is confusing. Further, dreaming big is limited by what you can see and who you know. We partner with Gradesmatch to expose our Grade 8 to 12 learners to the world of careers and assist with higher learning and funding applications.

Through our partnership with the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre, we provide learners access to an in-school counsellor four days per week. This was a huge need at our flagship school, as many students live in an orphanage or a child-headed household.

The importance of digital skills and literacy are two-fold. Firstly, they prepare youth for the global world of work, and secondly, they enhance the learning experience in classrooms. Whether it’s coding, an OLICO math competition, or exploring careers the exposure to a digital world is undeniably critical for an excellent education.I believe education is the seed from which everything grows. The higher the level of education, the higher chance the youth have of creating a future for themselves, and collectively, a better South Africa.

Some examples include the Curiosity Dinner, which aims to expose Grade 11 girls to careers and mentors in the ICT sector, and participating in the OLICO Time Tables Challenge, an online maths challenge for Grade 8 to 12 learners.


“In you guys we are led and we move forward with a positive mindset.” – School leader during the time of COVID-19

“The psychosocial support made a lot of changes in my life. I could not concentrate in class and I did not cope with my school work. I was always upset and angry at everyone. The counselling helped me cope, I became motivated, and I realised I had to finish school in order to bring change to the situation at home.” – Learner

“To a large extent, having access to computer to do research about different career oaths helped to shape my decision on what I wanted to study after matric.” – 2018 Matriculant

“I used the [career guidance] opportunity because they reminded me to work harder and improve my grades. This served as motivation, because when I knew they would apply on my behalf, I knew everything else was up to me. I had hope and I was going to do my best.” – Learner