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Trevor Noah Foundation Celebrates its First Task Team Member Awards

Educators play a crucial role in the lives of learners. They provide learners with a sense of purpose, set them up for success as citizens of our world, and inspire a drive to do well and succeed in life. Educators are vital to childhood development. Our Khulani School educators have exemplified this as they go above and beyond their call of duty. Educators play a significant role in helping Trevor Noah Foundation achieve its primary goal of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong opportunities for all, as outlined in SGD4.



With October being Teachers Month, what better way to appreciate educators than to honour their work? On 14 October, Trevor Noah Foundation celebrated its first annual Task Team Awards. The awards aimed to celebrate educators assigned as task team members within the Khulani Schools Programme. Task team members act as intermediaries between our Foundation and the Khulani Schools by serving as the central contact. These educators assist in organizing workshops and provide input on programme implementation. Additionally, they help mobilse learners and teachers in their schools for involvement in various programmes.

Educators received awards have played a key role in generating interest in and momentum for the programmes. The categories were: TNF Champion Appreciation, Solution Finder, Innovator, All-Rounder, and Most Enthusiastic Educator. Siyabonga Secondary School, Willow Crescent Secondary School, and Eqinisweni Secondary School were the three Khulani schools eligible for awards.


The Solution Finder Award

The Solution Finder award was presented to Siyabonga Secondary for its efforts in creating a school environment that is safe, inclusive, and committed to academic excellence. The school community was challenged by gangsterism, and there was a concern about the safety of learners and staff. In this regard, the task team members asked for assistance from the local police station in Braamfischerville to help them find ways to address this issue. 

The Innovation & All-Rounder Award

Willow Crescent Secondary was honoured with the Innovation award for its inventive approach to supporting the delivery of the Khulani Schools Programme. Using various methods such as the Pen Pal Programme, which linked learners to a school in Canada, and the Reader Rocket Programme, the school has helped foster a learning culture outside the classroom and has improved existing reading initiatives.

Willow Crescent Secondary was also presented with the All-Rounder award for being the Khulani School that best represents the achievements of Trevor Noah Foundation’s strategic objectives.



TNF Champion Award

The TNF Champion awards were presented to Principal Olivia Hill from Willow Crescent Secondary, Mr Enoch Sishange from Eqinisweni Secondary, and Ms Caroline Mudywira from Siyabonga Secondary. These educators introduced the Khulani Schools Programme to their schools and have shown commitment to its success. Thanks to their dedication, the programme has positively impacted learners, schools, and their broader communities.

Appreciation Awards

Eqinisweni Secondary and Willow Crescent Secondary received appreciation awards, personally signed by Trevor Noah, for hosting the YALI-RSA Education Changemakers Programme participants at their respective schools.



Most Enthusiastic Educator Award

Mr. Nemahunguni from Eqinisweni Secondary was awarded for being the most enthusiastic teacher among all the Khulani Schools. His consistent demonstration of passion for his work and remarkable ability to connect with his learners and motivate them to achieve their best is commendable. We are proud to have him as part of our team and know that he will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of learners.

We are incredibly proud of our educators who work tirelessly to help us achieve our goals. We also thank parents and the communities we serve for their support and look forward to an even more fruitful relationship in the near future.



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