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Which sectors does TNF focus on?

 Primary and Secondary Education and Youth Skills Development.  

What are TNF’s focus areas in education?

We address quality access to education  in collaboration with communities, government and like-minded organisations as partners . Our intended impact is an increased innovation or increased emergence of new solutions to social community challenges by youth that has experienced quality education. This includes the introduction of digital skills, career guidance, infrastructure, youth skills development and value-based leadership. As such we collaborate closely with Khulani Schools to increase their capacity for educational excellence. In doing so, we ensure young people have access to the educational foundation and opportunities needed to emerge from school with the best possible chance of succeeding in life.  

How does TNF select schools to work with?

Our school’s selection process involves consultation with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE), with whom we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. GDE sends a list of schools in Gauteng within Quintiles 1 and 3, which are no-fee paying schools. District managers are then contacted and an invitation to apply for the Khulani Schools Programmes (KSP) is circulated to schools. Schools are required to complete an application form and agree to TNF conducting a site visit. An advisory committee is set up to shortlist the schools. Finally, schools are interviewed to assess leadership and school functionality.   

As an organisation, how do we partner with TNF?

Partnerships with TNF are on a needs basis. When the need arises to partner, TNF usually circulates a request for proposals.  

Does TNF fund organisations to implement TNF’s model?


Can Trevor Noah be a speaker at our event?

For any Trevor Noah-related enquiries, please email Jill: 

Is TNF a charity? How is TNF Funded?

No. TNF is not a charity. Trevor Noah Foundation (SA) receives support and funding from the Trevor Noah Foundation (USA). Trevor Noah Foundation (USA) is a separate independent private charity organised under the laws of the United States.  And in addition to TNF USA, we have a full list of resource partners as listed in the bottom banner of our website – 

Trevor Noah Foundation (SA) is a separate independent non-profit company registered with the South African Revenue Service as a public benefit organisation. TNF (USA) primarily operates to mobilise the global community to empower youth for a better life: access to high-quality education.  TNF (SA) operates as an intermediary between a funder and implementer, heavily involved in our initiatives’ co-design, co-implementation and co-management.   

Does TNF fund organisations to implement TNF’s model?


How do I apply for funding from TNF?

TNF does not provide funding. However, through our model, we partner with selected schools and communities and fund the implementation of activities in those schools and communities.  

How do I volunteer for TNF?

TNF does not have a volunteer programme. Because we receive numerous requests to volunteer at TNF, we are considering developing a volunteer strategy.  So, keep watching this space. However, you may visit our careers page for any openings and internships.  

Does TNF sponsor bursaries?

TNF does not sponsor bursaries. 

Does TNF partner with organisations outside of South Africa?

Yes. TNF does partner with organisations outside of South Africa. Our success lies in cross-sector coordination between the non-profit, corporate, and government. We achieve community-wide progress through our partnerships by working together towards a common goal. 

How much funding goes directly to Programmes?

85% of funding received goes directly to our programmes.

Does TNF work with ECDs?