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Trevor Noah’s advice to tech leaders: ‘They are now the man that they were trying to disrupt’

Trevor Noah’s advice to tech leaders They are now the man that they were trying to disrupt

Venture Beat

by Emil Protalinksi

29 August 2019

Trevor speaks with Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard. about technology, education, gaming, VR, and his foundation.

“Being born in America is a lot better than being born in Syria, right now. You can’t deny that. Yes a Syrian person can get here and can do well, but where you begin largely defines how far you can get. So what I’m trying to do with the Trevor Noah Foundation is create an environment where kids just have that leg up to be at a place where other kids are in the world. Be in a place where computers aren’t a crazy idea. Just being in a place where it’s normal. [Otherwise] it’s completely a death sentence for your family. It’s going to define your earnings for a generation.”

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