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Welcoming our New Khulani Schools

Trevor Noah Foundation - The Khulani Schools Programme - Digital Skills

“Khulani” means “grow” in Xhosa, one of South Africa’s mother tongue languages. We are excited that just like the name of our school’s initiative, the Khulani Schools programme has grown. At the beginning of the year, we welcomed three new partner schools to the family – Eqinisweni Secondary School, Siyabonga Secondary School and Willow Crescent Secondary School.

Although the selected schools face financial, physical and human resource constraints, each school was hand-picked because they demonstrated purpose-driven leadership and a commitment to excellence.

Although the selected schools face financial, physical and human resource constraints, each school was hand-picked because they demonstrated purpose-driven leadership and a commitment to excellence.

Eqinisweni Secondary School – Ivory Park, Midrand

What stands out most about Eqinisweni is their size, with over 2100 learners. Despite their massive student complement, Eqinisweni is guided by the values of unity and academic excellence, and as such, boasts a consistent pass rate of about 85%. Eqinisweni is considered a STEAM-oriented school and interestingly, a magnet school for the arts.

When asked what Eqinisweni hopes to achieve in collaboration with The Trevor Noah Foundation, Deputy Principal, Enock Shishenge stated,

“We are living in a time where learners must be exposed to ICT to prepare them for the demands of the future world. This partnership will usher our school into the fourth industrial revolution.”

Siyabonga Secondary School – Braamfischerville, Soweto

In the township of Soweto, Braamfischerville, sits Siyabonga Secondary School. What we love about Siyabonga is their proactive attitude. Founded only 10 years ago, Siyabonga’s first matric class in 2012 produced one of the nation’s top 26 learners! This year Siyabonga celebrates their 10th anniversary and their goal is to obtain a 100% matric pass rate.

When asked about their experience as a Khulani Partner thus far, educator, Ms Caroline Mudywira excitedly shared,

“The Foundation’s workshops help us to think long-term as a school. Previously we didn’t know how to do this. This partnership will help us to create sustainable projects that will assist the school in achieving its vision.”

Willow Crescent Secondary School – Eldorado Park, Soweto

In Eldorado Park, a few kilometres to the south of Soweto is Willow Crescent Secondary School. Clean and organised, the school appears as an oasis in the middle of a community with high levels of substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and unemployment. Despite this, Willow Crescent has a positive relationship with the community, much due to their incredible leader, Principal Olivia Hill.

Olivia Hill believes that their partnership with the Trevor Noah Foundation will put the currently undermined school in the community back on the map.

“If you want to see the success of the programme, speak to the children at Willow Crescent. They are very proud to be part of Khulani Schools.”

Olivia Hill, Principal of Willow Crescent Secondary School

Over the next few years, the Trevor Noah Foundation looks forward to enhancing the growth of our Khulani Schools. We’ve already collaboratively started planning projects that improve leadership capacity, school infrastructure, and support structures for learners. Working together, we hope to accelerate their progress towards achieving their school vision and catapulting our youth to the next level of success.

PLEASE NOTE: These images were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic 

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  1. As long as “grow” is the name chosen and means are put into place to support such, added to Mrs. Hill’ satisfaction, we expect things to be on their way for the best. We keep watching closely. Thank you for any effort put into these projects.

    1. Yes, we felt Khulani (“grow”) was the perfect name for our school programme! Thank you for following our journey. We appreciate your support!

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