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What We Do

Our Projects and Initiatives

Trevor Noah Foundation invests in the education foundation and future opportunities of South African youth. We are involved in several projects across South Africa that promote these goals.

Our Approach

As part of the Foundation’s commitment to primary and secondary education and skills development, we have a three-tiered approach. These are the foundational goals that form the vision and mission of Trevor Noah Foundation. Like our founder, we are committed to these initiatives.

Educators and school leaders

Empower and capacitate educators to be innovative  problem-solvers equipped to deliver 21st century education.

With schools & implementing Orgs

Create a network of partner schools and implementing organizations with whom we co-create solutions to address schools’ unmet needs.

In communities

Embed change in communities, defined by a geographic area or a group of like-minded individuals, by fostering shared learning, support and ownership.

Our Programmes